C & M Trucking

Clyde A. Hamilton, Inc (formerly C & M Trucking) is proud to offer dedicated truck and freight hauling services for Ohio. Van, flat, and dump trailer services are available. Request a quote today! We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service!

"We are about customer service and customer satisfaction!" - Clyde Hamilton, Owner

Services and Rates

We have a variety of options to fulfill your freight hauling and rental needs. Specializing in van frieght, we have van trailers available for temporary rental storage at your location. In addition to van freight, we offer flat and dump services also. At this time all of our services are only available within Ohio. We do not operate outside of Ohio state lines.

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Drivers Wanted

As we expand our business we often have the need to hire additional drivers. If you are interested in driving for us, see our "Drive for Us" page and submit your information. Our drivers must have a clean and valid Class A CDL.

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About Us

Clyde A. Hamilton, Inc. (formerly C & M Trucking) has been serving the Ohio community since 1979. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and competitive rates for our clients. Our drivers offer great dedicated service for you Ohio frieght needs - big and small! Take advantage of our van trailers, or haul your larger loads with our flat and dump truck services.